April Fools Trauma

A year ago today, my friends and I experienced the most traumatic incident of our lives. We woke up inside a cabin that was on fire.

Within barely a minute, my view on life completely flipped upside down.

Once we were all out, my first thought was: “If I hadn’t gotten out, what would have been the last thing I did? What would have been the last conversation I had with a loved one? Had I told everyone I loved how much I loved them?” The answers made me feel uneasy.

I am such a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and for months I questioned the purpose of this situation. At school, we were assigned a “This I Believe” essay, where I was able to release all my emotions and put lay it all on the table–finally putting an end to this story once and for all.

Coping after an incident like that really isn’t as easy as it seems. When I passed smokers, I felt that choked, helpless feeling. I struggled with watching movies and even listening to music because they often made references to fire. It sounds over-exaggerated, but it was a real fear. Every night before going to bed, I checked for fire hazards and reviewed the fire escape drill to get out of my house.

I couldn’t sit around a bonfire.

I couldn’t even look at a candle.

“Talk it out”, they said, but in this case, it was really hard having meaningful conversations with people about a situation they never experience themselves.

That’s why I decided to interpret our story through audio. Please try to put yourself in our shoes and have a taste of what April Fools of 2015 was for us. I hope that it will help you be even more grateful for all the small things in your life, which actually turn out to be the biggest and most important.

If today was the last day of your life, would you have said everything you wanted? Would you have fulfilled all your dreams? Dont waste your time planning out your life. Make the best of today, because as it’s been said many times “tomorrow isn’t promised”.

Today, I am thankful for the amazing year we’ve all had, which was filled with amazing experiences and plenty of love. But April Fools will never be the same.

Have a listen HERE of the interpreted version of the cabin fire incident. (Beware of the cheesy music at the end)

Happy wandering!


2 thoughts on “April Fools Trauma

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Natasha. I remember doing this story last year and thinking about how much worse it could have been. I’m so glad I got to know you!


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