Media vs outdoor activities

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I took a walk to the park and were pleased to see two little boys playing ball on their driveway. That’s when I asked myself: Where the hell are the rest of the kids?

Back in the day (never thought I’d use those words at 18-years-old), as soon as Mother Nature blessed us with weather above -2, all the kids in the neighbourhood were playing outside! We were setting up our basket-ball hoops and closing up the streets to have street hockey tournaments. And now, seems like all the kids are stuck inside, mesmerized my their screens. They don’t need face-to-face communications if they’ve got a group chat… Right?

When I was young, we would beg our parents to stay outside a little bit after dark so we could finish our game of hide-and-seek. Nowadays, parents are begging their children to take a breath of fresh air while their kids are playing hide-and-seek behind their computers.

My greatest memory of this time of year was when my parents decided it was time to take my training wheels off. I kept falling and falling and was so proud when I was able to balance myself without mom and dad’s help. Like seriously, if kids aren’t even spending time outside, do they even know how to ride a bike anymore?

I guess the saying “it’s like riding a bike” is out the window.

I blame this on the media. And parents. 

Why are you allowing your children to sit inside watching Netflix or taking selfies on Snapchat? If my dad would have seen me do that back in grade four he would have grabbed the back of my T-shirt and dragged me outside!

The only reason I am so attached to nature is because I was exposed to it so often as a child. These up-and-coming generations are already bad with taking care of the planet. Imagine what the future holds if nobody pays attention to the beauty of nature!

When I was in seventh grade, I found an interest in photography. So I got my sisters to dress all cute and we went for a walk in the forest where I shot my very first photoshoot. That’s when I realized how much I loved photographing people doing outdoor activities.

Véronique Rey – fifth grade

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.49.20 AM

Véronique Rey – eleventh grade

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.50.13 AM

Parents: I challenge you to set a two hour timer and get your kids to spend it outside. Once the two hours are up, ring a bell and they can go back to their zombie modes in front of the computer. They’ll learn so many important life skills by having their own experiences instead of seeing them on television on on social media. They’ll make friends and you’ll have the house to yourselves for a few hours. Haha.

Kids: I challenge you to grab your friends and go for a walk. Learn how to skateboard, rollerblade, climb a tree; hey you might even have to learn how to bike! I doesn’t matter what you do, just go outside! I promise, it’ll feel nice! Use your phones to capture your outdoor experiences instead of sitting inside and watching your favourite movie. Create your own adventure movie.

If you need some more outdoor activity ideas, check out this fun list!

I’m telling you. When I have kids, I’m building a cabin in the middle of the forest and my kids will never know a thing about social media. Cruel or clever?

Here are some hiking photos with Jojo, Danique, Bronté, and Ginge from last spring!

Happy wandering 🙂




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