The Energy Files | One

Julie Kennish-Thomspon | Sensitivity


A smiling face is revealed from behind a green door and invites me inside her apartment. Her name is Julie Kennish-Thompson.

She asks her 26-year-old daughter, Heather, to get us tea and biscuits and leads me to her favourite room – her reading room.

“I see you’ve brought a friend with you tonight, ” she says.

She describes a short, elderly woman to whom I am related. Although the soul is joyful, she has trouble speaking and has chest pains. The medium tells me that the described spirit has been watching over me for the past few days.

Kennish-Thompson lights and candle and carefully places her tarot cards on a bright tablecloth.

“To get in my zone, I need for it to be quiet. I need to be able to listen to my still voice inside,” she says.

As she slowly flips her cards, a man stands before a tree with the sun behind his head. Another woman is wrapped in thick grey ropes. A third is dressed in a green shirt and holding a weapon like a fairy tale prince.

Kennish-Thompson told me that my future was bright, but that a certain aspect of my life is not what it seems to be. Of which that is, I have yet to discover.

Heather arrives with some sweets and takes a seat beside me.

“What’s it like growing up with your abilities?” I ask Kennish-Thompson.

She explains that some believe that on the Isle of Man, where she grew up, everything contained a supernatural manner and fairies and giants inhabited the land.

Although these beliefs seemed to be far fetched, Kennish-Thompson still felt particularly different.

“I felt odd because I was one of the only children who had red hair and freckles,” she says as she plays with her hair.

Having red hair and freckles wasn’t the only thing that differentiated Kennish-Thompson from the others. She was also deaf.

“Having an impairment was a blessing. I was capable of shutting out the outside world to focus on myself. It takes time to rise from your own to be in touch with your spirituality,” she says as she places her hand on her cochlear implant.

She links with spirits through her thoughts, visions and emotions. She has connected with women in Victorian dresses and knights in armour.

While looking at her daughter, Kennish-Thompson says, “Since Heather was young, I could tell that she was sensitive too.”

She prefers the term “sensitive” rather than “gifted”. She says that sensitivity is what is developed to become a medium.

Kennish-Thompson has been Heather’s spiritual mentor from a young age. She teaches her daughter how to respond to connections with higher energies – such as the deceased – and how to be respectful and disciplined.

Her mother and grandmother were also mediums and her husband, Paul Thompson, was a healer.

Kennish-Thompson refers to herself as a channel of divine love. This means that she only connects with pure should to deliver messages of deep affection between the living and the dead.

As a channel of divine love, she doesn’t drink liquor, smoke, or eat red meat.

“Having a clean pallet ensures that I keep a clear channel. I am also very careful of who I read because I don’t want to share messages from unwanted spirits,” Kennish-Thompson says.

The phone starts to ring. Once her mother leaves the room, Heather turns toward me and says:

“She’s such an amazing person. I really look up to my mom and it would be incredible to be as strict and controlled. I’d love to be like her some day.”

This warmed my heart.

Susan Aird, Kennish-Thompson’s best friend of twenty years is at the other end of the line.

Aird tells me that she is nowhere near being sensitive.

She says, “She keeps me spirited and light, and I keep her grounded.”

After a short conversation, Kennish-Thompson hangs up the device and we head back to her meditation room.

“We create our own reality, Natasha,” she says as she touches one of her cards. “We live on a planet of free will.”

Julie Kennish-Thompson puts her crystals away. She stacks her cards and neatly wraps them in a blue swede blanket.

© Sun Rey Photography 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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